Thursday, July 26, 2018

3 Biggest bank Robberies in the World

Hi there, In this list i have mentioned the biggest robberies that ever took place in the bank history with a criminal planning like in the movies.

Banco central burglary, Brazil.

Third party image reference

Third party image reference
The entire crew of robbers rented a home within the premise and dug their way underground into the bank's vault. they spent three months digging a 256 foot tunnel to a position beneath the bank and managed to remove approximately 70 million dollars which has never been recovered.

Securitas depot, UK

Third party image reference

Third party image reference
The gang kidnapped the bank manger and hostage his wife and son. the robbers then used the bank manager as their gateway to enter the bank. fourteen of the bank workers were tied up and the gang took home 66 million dollars but later caught and sentenced to the prison.

Reichsbank robbery

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This robbery happened in the Germany during the Culmination of the 2nd world war. It holds the Guinness world record for the biggest robbery in the world amounting 3 Billion dollars stolen.

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