Saturday, July 21, 2018

5 facts about partition that every indian should know

Partition of India and Pakistan was probably one of the most tragic events in history.

We tell you some shocking facts about the creation of those two countries which were deliberately made to live together.

1) Cyril Radcliffe, the person who created a boundary between the two countries, had reached India just a few days before partition and known nothing about the nation but the geographical layout of the country.

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2) Pakistan got 14th and India got independence on 15th August just because Mountbatten personally wanted to participate in both the freedom festivals of Pakistan and India.

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3) Though both Pakistan and India achieved independence on 14 and 15 August respectively, but by 17 August the border was not announced between the two countries.

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4) Astrologers had been consulted for the appropriate date of independence. Unfortunately, they could not decide on the auspicious date and thus the midnight of August 15 was decided.

5) After Partition, Pakistan got 1/3 of Indian Army, 2 out of India's major 6 Metropolitan cities and 40% share of Indian Railway Lines.

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