Wednesday, July 25, 2018

5 Most amazing events ever seen in underwater sea

70% of the earth is surrounded by the ocean. The ocean is so vast that even today we are unable to understand them completely. Even today, new discoveries are still there. The oceans are completely different from the earth, its weather and natural phenomena are different too. Animals living here are also different. Sometimes we see such incidents in the ocean that can not be explained. Today in this article, we will tell you about five such mysterious incidents which still remain a mystery.

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1. Sea Trees

A special kind of plant grows rapidly in the ocean. It can increase from one to two feet in a day and when it reaches the surface of the water, it looks like a tree. The place where there is such a lot of plant, it looks like a forest.

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2. Treasure of India

In 1941, a ship which was going to England with a treasure of billions of dollars from India, was sunk in the Atlantic Ocean. Nobody knew the exact location of this treasure, but in 2013, a large part of the treasure was discovered by England's explorers. It was thought that the treasure was about $ 36 million, that only 20% of that treasure was found.

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3. Apollo 11 Engine

The Apollo 11 rocket was launched in 1969, its engine was dropped in the Gulf of Mexico, After 40 years in the Gulf of Mexico, NASA scientists discovered it. It was not less than a miracle.

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4. Underwater Government Meeting

The world's first underwater water meeting was held by the president of the Maldives. Maldives is troubled by the sea level rise due to global warming. Maldives had held this meeting to increase awareness about global warming.

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5. Underwater Stonehenge

On the coast of Iceland, Sicily, near Italy, the scientists saw a strange type of shape. The shape looked like Stonehenge. Although it was largely wasted. Scientists believe that it was created thousands of years ago. But the question arises that how such a complex structure has been created at such a deep place in the sea.

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