Monday, July 16, 2018

5 Most Successful and Inspiring Businessmen in Indian History

Before independence and after it, the journey of Indian business is very long. That's why there are many names from India in the list of billionaire companies around the world. These businessmen are the inspiration for many people because they managed to do their business during British rule when the atmosphere was not favorable to Indian businesses.

1. Dhirubhai Ambani: He is considered as India's most famous businessman. After finishing school, Dhirubhai wanted to continue his studies but he couldn't because of his financial condition. He went to Yemen to earn money where he worked as a clerk for a firm where he learned to screw up business bets and in 1966 he founded Reliance Industries. Today, Reliance is the most famous company in India.
2. Ghanshyamadas Birla: Mr. Birla started his career with the textile business in Calcutta. At that time, European and British merchants tried their best to stop his business but they were not successful. In the 1940s, Birla took over Hindustan Motors and started investing in tea, cement, and chemicals to diversify his business. In today's times, we know their business as Aditya Birla Group.
3. Ardeshir Godrej: He started his career as an advocate but that was not he was born for. Later he went to Bombay and started working as an Assistant to a Chemist. He had a great sense of business, so he borrowed some money and started making medical equipment for surgery. In those days, there was a lot of burglary in Bombay, Ardeshir saw it as an opportunity and started lock making and become famous. He is also called the lockmaster of India.

Ardeshir Godrej made the first soap named Sinthol which did not have animal fat. Apart from locks Godrej Group now manufactures several types of domestic products.
4. Jamsetji Tata: In 1868 Jamshedji founded the Tata Group. He started his business by establishing cotton mills in Bombay and Nagpur. His dream was to set up an iron and steel company, science institute, a world-class hotel and a hydro-electric plant. But in his lifetime he could only fulfill one. He built the Taj Mahal Hotel. Because once he was denied to enter a luxurious hotel somewhere in another country. Now the Taj Mahal Hotel is one of the most expansive and luxurious hotels in the world.
5. Verghese Kurien: He is known as the Father of the White Revolution. He planned and implemented the world's largest agricultural development program, and through this program, India became the world's largest milk producing country. Mr. Kurien also established the Amul brand in 1946. His birth anniversary is now celebrated as National Milk Day for his great achievements.

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