Friday, July 6, 2018

6 Richest and beautiful princesses of Muslim countries

Friends, we know that there is more than one beautiful princess nowadays in the world. But these beautiful princess has a lot of wealth. Today we are going to introduce you to some of these Muslim princesses, who have wealth of trillions of rupees but most of them prefer to live within the curtain. And very rarely comes outside in the world

1. Shezadi Amira

It ties to a very rich house in Saudi Arabia. She gave an equal share in her husband Bin Talal's property, while these people have been divorced. But still, Shahzadi Amira is the owner of more than Rs 113 crore rupees.
2. Maharani Rania

Maharani Rania is also the Queen of Jordan along with Prince Abdullah's wife. She is one of the 100 most powerful women in the world and her total assets about a figure of 200 crores Rupees.
3. Empress Lala Salma

Queen Lala Salma Morocco is also the queen of the country, as well as the wife of Mohammad 6. She is the owner of a total of Rs. 16250 crores today by involving her husband's property. You would also be surprised to know that he spends more than 7 crore rupees on herself every day.
4. Noor Safari

Noorjahan Zahira Sultan is now the wife of abundant, and she is also the 13th Queen of Malaysia. Her total assets are being reported as about one lakh crores rupees.
5. Fatima Kumsum

Fatima Kumsum is a very beautiful woman and wife of Prince Sheikh of Saudi Arabia. While she is always in the curtain but the discussions of their beauty are still famous all over the world. They have vast reserves of oil, due to which they are kept in women with very high assets.
6. Shahzadi Hajah Hafizh Eiruv Bolkiah

This princess is the daughter of the world's richest sultan. Their total assets are big like their name. The cost of which is approximately one lakh three crore rupees, as well as 7,000 cars and she, have her own gold palace.

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