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How Did Bruce Lee Actually Die?

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7. Bruce Lee's Action

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Do you know that Bruce Lee is known for his action movies & People often associate him with with Kung-Fu, martial arts, dragon.

6. Craftsman

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Let me tell you, Bruce Lee was a craftsman who made some changes in the basic structure of martial arts which have been followed ever since.

5. Talented Poet.

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Apart from being a martial arts expert, Lee was a talented poet as well & While everything was going perfect, something unexpected happened.

4. Rumoured Cause Of Death.

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Let me tell you that Rumour has it that a large section believed Lee was murdered by a secretive Chinese organization 'Triad' for unknown reasons. However, the actual cause of his death was 'Cerebral Edema'.

Bruce Lee had been suffering from Cerebral Edema, a disease which causes swelling in the human brain leading to difficulty in breathing and sudden unusual behaviour & There have been times when he'd faint on movie sets.

3. Game Of Death

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On the day of his death, Bruce Lee had met producer Raymond Cho in Hong Kong for his next film, 'Game of Death'.

The meeting happened at around 4 PM & apparently, Lee had a severe headache in the evening. Lee's friend & fellow actress, Betty Ting Pei, gave him an analgesic medicine which was a combination of two drugs - Aspirin & Meprobamate.

2. Post Mortem Report

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According to the post-mortem report, Aspirin & Meprobamate had an allergic reaction & his brain's size had increased by 13%.

1. Buried In Seattle

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Bruce Lee's body was returned to Seattle, where it was eventually buried. Let me tell you Strangely, an early death was a conceivability that Lee had contemplated with surprising frequency. According to his wife Linda, he had no wish to live to a ripe old age because he could not stand the idea of losing the physical abilities he had strived so hard to achieve. The world lost the legend Bruce Lee way too soon. On his 77th birthday, we remember the dragon still today.

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