Tuesday, July 10, 2018

These are the 5 richest Muslim countries, number 3 has the world's most beautiful Girls

Friends, some Muslim countries have a very important contribution to the world. Which complete the many needs of the whole world. In most of these Muslim countries, most of the people are rich and supply the oil to the whole world, if the real estate sector is seen, so many Muslim countries have made a lot of progress at this time. Today, then let us know which country they are.

1. Qatar

If the supply of natural gas is seen, natural gas is supplied across the world only through Qatar. That is why it has become the richest Muslim country in the world. The income at per person here is the highest in all Muslim countries.

2. Kuwait

If talk of a second Muslim country is in the category of the richest countries, then its name is Kuwait. The main income source here is oil. Because most of the oil reserves in the world are in Kuwait, the annual income per person is about $ 54616.

3. Brunei

Friends Sultan of Brunei is well-known for its luxury and wealth throughout the world. Natural gas and oil are the main sources of income of this country. Here's the annual income of $ 50506 per person. Women of this country are beautiful all over the world.

4. United Arab Emirates

This country is mainly rich because the major income here is due to natural gas and oil. The annual income of people here is around $ 48222.

5. Oman

This country is the most famous of the Muslim countries. The name of the capital of this country is Muscat. Oman is the strongest and developed country. The major income here is mainly from oil and natural gas, with an annual income of around $ 28880 at per person.

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