Monday, July 16, 2018

Top 5 largest Burial grounds in the World

Hi there, in this article I'm going to share the biggest cemeteries or burial grounds in the world. now lets take a look at these biggest cemeteries.

                        Wadi us salaam
It is also known as the valley of piece which is located in Najaf, Iraq. It covers an area of 1,485.5 acres and it contains almost 10 million interments. An estimation of 500,000 buried at wadi us salaam each year.

          Calverton national cemetery
It is a united states national cemetery located in Calverton, New york. this cemetery was established in 1978, encompasses 1,045 acres and having an estimation of 7000 burials each year.

      Abraham lincoln national cemetery
This cemetery was established in the year 1862 and was 50 miles away from south west of Chicago. It encompasses 982 acres and had 44,020 interments and also it has a memorial walkway, in the honor of soldiers who lost their lives in 20th century war.

                 Karacaahmet cemetery
It is a 700 year old historic cemetery, located in uskudar, the asian side of Instanbul. It covers an area of 750 acres and it is the largest burial ground in Turkey. around 1 million buried at this cemetery.

               Spring grove cemetery
This cemetery was founded by stephen page in 1845 which was located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It encompasses 733 acres and it had 229,560 Interments.

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