Tuesday, August 14, 2018

5 bizzare and beautiful places to see in India, See photos

Hello dear viewers, welcome to my uc news chanel, where you get lifestyle news daily. So today we are going to talk about some beautiful places in India. Let's see

Standard house koteshwar, Kutch

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A popular piligri image for Hindus, Koteshwar Kutch , Gujarat is famous for Shiv temple that over looks the sea. When visiting the place, don't forget to check out this house in the middle of the sea.

2. Krishna's butterball

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The Hindu God, krishna's love for butter is a known fact. It is situated Mahabalipuram ( 60 km from Chennai). Mahabalipuram is historic town known for stone carvings and many other attractions but this one is to be most curious one.

3. Paranormal activity in Rajasthan

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It's called the scariest place in India. It is the attraction place for tourist. When Indian Goverment forbids entry to the fort after sunset and before sunrise because it is a haunted place, one has the option to visit this place during the day.

4. Floating stones on the Raam Setu bridge

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A natural brides that related to Hindu mythology, the Raam Setu bridge is a collection of limstone shoals that connects Rameswaram Island in Tamil Nadu. The bridge is said to be build the Hindu God Raam, who journeyed to Lanka using it.

5. Forzen river trek

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It is the most attractive river. The best and most reliable time for this trek in February when the ice is relatively stable.

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