Monday, August 13, 2018

Egg Or Hen, Which Came First, Scientists Have Discovered !

For a very long time people have been thinking that whether egg came first or chicken came first. But now the question has been solved. Scientists have proved that which of these two things emerged first. Actually, this has been a very difficult question because both of these help in the development of the other and without one other can not develop. They both are dependent on each other. So how can one of the things came without the help of the other ? But as I said scientists have discovered that which of these came first ? I have got this information from Wikipedia and then I am presenting you my thesis.

Third party image reference
Well, you would have definitely know something about cross breeding and evolutionary development of different organisms. As humans have developed from chimpanzees. Actually it is not true but let's suppose it is true. So we evolved from chimpanzees. The same thing happened to the ancestors of hens. The first bird which developed the protein ovocledin 17( OC 17) was the closest ancestor of hens. It was not hen but the egg which it laid gave birth to a hen. The development of hen and egg has happened in this way.

I hope that you understood how the first egg or the first hen developed. Now I ask you according to you which of these things came first ? The reality is in front of you.

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