Saturday, August 11, 2018

Never consume these 2 things with milk

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about a prescription that you probably will not know if you consume the fish, then do not consume these two things. Please read the article to get the full information.

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If you have eaten fish, you should not consume milk immediately after it, if you have consumed the fish, then do not forget by consuming milk as they are different for both of them.

If you consume milk and fish simultaneously then your body will become smallpox and your body will be colored and it also spoils the color of your body

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Also, do not eat yogurt and fish by forgetting in the same way as lactic acid is found in curd which is acidic and when it comes in contact with the fish, it takes the form of poison so you can eat fish and milk together Never eat fish and yogurt together.

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