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Top 10 Bridges in the World

1.Alam Bridge

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Nothing spelled disaster and an action-adventure film like an old rickety bridge. Here we have the alam bridge located over the Gilgit River in Pakistan. The alarm bridge is said to be one of the most scariest bridges in the entire world. The bridge was built with a combination of iron rods and wood.

The bridge linking Baltistan region to Gilgit and the rest of the country is about 300 meters in length. This wooden wire suspension bridge over the Gilgit River was built by Chinese and Pakistani engineers way back in 1978. Now don't worry if you ever plan on crossing these bridge safety precautions have been taken as regional authorities are deployed at the bridge to ensure vehicles don't exceed the speed limit. In addition trucks and other loaded vehicles weighing more than 20 tons are not allowed to pass.

2. Kapos bridge Costa Rica.

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From one rickety bridge to the next. Here we have the Kapos bridge. The bridge is located in Costa Rica. The gatepost bridge is here to proudly represent Ebury creaky battered decayed bridge in the third world that looks incapable of supporting even the smallest of vehicles. Even your grandmother on her fast mobility scooter couldn't cross this bridge without facing any problems. That being said however it doesn't mean that it's not possible to cross this bridge at all as thousands of these rickety structures carry traffic every day doing their part to make all harsh existence more convenient and exciting.

3. Long Janks suspension bridge, China.

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Just viewing images and videos of this bridge in action is enough to give you vertigo the long Janks suspension bridges among some of the highest and tallest bridges in the world. This bridge span three thousand nine hundred and twenty-four feet across an elevated nine and twenty feet above the river below. Not the best place to overcome your fear of heights.

4. Mount toddler suspension bridge Swiss Alps.

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Forget what we said about the previous one. This one is guaranteed to give you vertigo holding the record for the highest suspension bridge in Europe at about 3000 meters. That's 10000 feet above sea level. This bridge will definitely separate the men from the boys as it will certainly push your limits and test your fear of heights.

5. Blang Kauai Skybridge.

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Next up the Lanc cow Skybridge located at the top of Mount Matt Sing Cheang in Malaysia. Now when you hear mountain and bridge in the same sentence that's sure to make anyone quiver in their boots instantly as you essentially know what you're getting. This curved pedestrian bridge is 2000 feet above sea level and is located at the top of Mount Mat Sinking. In order to even cross this 400 foot long highly elevated pedestrian bridge.

Tourists must first ride up to it in a cable car. It's that damn high. So there's no need to bring your hiking shoes with you on this trip. The Lenkowsky Skybridge is one of the highest elevated single state bridges in the world. The deck is less than six feet wide and its curved shape gives travelers a panoramic view of land Kaui. An archipelago of '99 islands Beach and is fitted with triangular observation decks.

6. Aiguille du midi bridge france

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Short bridge Yes pants crapping scary. You're damn right. Now though the bridge is very sturdy as it's walked on by many tourists every single day. It's still a rather scary sight to look down at a potential 12000-foot drop.

The name of this bridge literally translates as Neidl in the midday and is approximately 12000 feet high. Crossing the bridge from one to the other is not for the faint of heart. Also if you're a thrill seeker there's a glass box that you can stand in that hangs over the side of the mountain. If you do this you definitely got nerves of steel.

7. Millau bridge france

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How can we not include this bridge on the list? This one certainly isn't for the faint of heart. We talked about high rise bridges however almost nothing can compare with this bridge as it has been declared the tallest bridge in the entire world as it is elevated over eight hundred and forty-six feet high and is 2000 460 meters long.

It's so high up that you can even see clouds pass underneath when driving across it. That's enough to make even the most confident of drivers sweat.

8. The Rolling Bridge. London England.

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Taking a break from the tallest and most dangerous bridges in the world. Let's take a look at quite possibly one of the coolest functioning bridges in the world that's located in London England. UK based design firm Heatherwick Studio. Created this 39-foot wooden steel bridge in 2004 to act as a walkway over a small section of London's Grand Union Canal.

Now you're probably thinking Well how is this bridge unique. If it's just a pedestrian bridge. Well if you've seen the images and videos already you'll know why the bridge runs on a built-in hydraulic system. This allows it to retract and curl into an octagon. The retractable design allows for boats to cruise through the canal unobstructed and the bridge rolls up every Friday at noon.

Donald MacDonald an architect with more than forty years of experience has worked on over a dozen bridges says that the bridge represents an experimental gesture. It's really complicated for what it does.

9. Henderson Waves.

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Jumping back to high rise structures. Here we have the Henderson waves located in Singapore. Now despite its really unique wavy look pedestrian don't walk on a path that walks and waving that's just an outdoor aesthetic that is rather unfortunate. Then again we're sure people constantly climbing up and going down a steep pathway would get tiresome after five minutes.

The one hundred and eighteen foot tall Henderson waves are Singapore's tallest pedestrian bridge. Linking Mount Faber with Tallack Blanka Hill Park. What makes this bridge more innovative than it already is is the fact that pedestrian bridges allow for a certain amount of creativity that is not possible with structures that need to support heavy duty use.

The undulating outer shell of the Henderson waves striking and the inside is shaped into benches where tourists can sit and gaze at nature or the nearby skyline of Singapore city. It should also be noted that this staggering 900-foot long bridge also illuminates at night.

The way this is illuminated is all thanks to an array of LED lights that are switched on every night to bolster its snakelike presence in the middle of two national parks.

10. Gateshead Millennium Bridge-gate

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Ending this list we have something a little bit more time in comparison to other bridges on this list. But there's no denying the unique look of this bridge. Gate Gateshead Millennium Bridge is unique in its own right putting its design to one side. It's unique in the fact that uses a system of six hydraulic rams which can pivot the bridge away at a 40-degree angle in order to let both pass underneath it.

Describes the movement of the bridge as looking like a slowly opening pilot when it raises a process that takes fewer than five minutes. This is the first bridge of its kind and was first opened up to the public in late 2001. What makes this bridge even more impressive than it already is is the fact that the bridge was fully constructed before being installed as a single piece by Europe's largest floating crane Asian Hercules too. Considering that it's the first of its kind it's definitely stood the test of time. Yes we know it's only been 17 years but it's still impressive that it hasn't suffered any major mechanical issues.

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