Friday, August 3, 2018

Top 3 unsolved mysteries of this world

Our world is a big strange world in which there is strange events happens every day and some of them becomes a mystery for the people, today we will tell you about some of the unresolved mysteries which have become a cause of surprise for the whole world. So let's know about it-

# 1 The Mysterious Well

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The well is present near Simitra of Portugal. It is said that this well fulfill the wishes of the people. The biggest strange thing about this well is that every time a blue light flashes out of this well, this well is very deep and there is no system of light in this well. But still blue light comes from the well, which still remains a mystery which can not be solved even today.

# 2 The Great Omar Book

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The Great Omar an mysterious book, it is said that the book was being carried out in a Titanic ship, but with the addition of the Titanic, this book was also immersed in the Atlantic Ocean. It is said that all the events occurring in the world were already predicted in this book. It is said that there were many topics like Napoleon's reign, Hitler's terror, and terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center are written in this book. The most surprising thing was that this book was written 400 years ago.

# 3 The Mystery of Ashwathama

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Ashwatha is one of many characters of Mahabharata, but even today it is said that Ashwatha is alive today. It is believed that there is a Shiv temple located in the fort of Ashargarh situated in Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, in which Ashwathama comes to worship. It is said that this temple is closed after cleaning it every night, but the next morning, there is a flower and some rice grains on the Shivling in the temple's womb. Many investigations have been done about this but there is no evidence available till now.

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